Senator Orin Hatch with Universal Transmission inventor
Gary Lee and the Clean Technology Award.
The CVT would likely be the transmission of choice for all applications if it did not have the flaw of incorporating dynamic friction in the ratio change process that leaves it unable to handle high torque.

Some CVTs have reported success with torques of up to 600 Nm but most handle far fewer Nms. To increase torque to minimally acceptable levels CVTs are forced to utilize extraneous processes that add expense, parts, complications and decreased efficiencies.

To resolve this problem, VMT presents the Universal Transmission.

The Universal Transmission
 is a positively displaced mechanical CVT able to handle high torque with the following features:

1. Few Parts. Only Four load bearing assemblies:
          A. One input and one output shaft
          B. One set of standard sheaves and one sprocket
          C. Three MoonGear™ assemblies
          D. One silent chain 
2. Small coordinating controller:
         One controller assembly...
         That mechanically controls all movement of the transmission...
         With simplicity of design.
3. No other hydraulics or ancillary parts used
4. Constantly engaged
5. Infinite increments of ratio change
6. High torque capability
7. High efficiency
8. Scale-able across most applications