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CASE/New Holland Skeptical of VMT Claims 

April, 2014  Before seeing the report and hearing of Dr. Francesco Pedrielli's assessment of VMT's Universal Transmission, they expressed skepticism that a CVT could be created with positive displacement so it would not use friction in providing infinite increases of ratio change. They had been working for some time on the solution to replacing friction in changing ratios so that a CVT could be used in medium to high torque applications. After a thorough review with Dr. Pedrielli they concluded that VMT's Universal Transmission could provide the breakthrough in having the advantages of infinite increments of ratio change, namely fuel efficiency, but have the advantage of being used in medium cars, trucks and other vehicles as well as vehicles requiring high torque such as large trucks, tractors, off-highway equipment and wind turbines. 

Dr. Pedrielli Delivers Findings to Italy's Center of Research

April, 2014  Dr. Pedrielli, who visited VMT in March, made his very favorable report to Italy's national center of research. They recommended Dr. Pedrielli proceed with plans to now report to the leaders of CASE/New Holland and FIAT on the great opportunities in adopting the Universal Transmission from VMT.


VMT Holds Special Symposium on Universal Transmission Advancements

April, 2014 VMT held a live symposium for friends and investors to show them the latest developments in the Universal Transmission requested by John Deere for their tractors. The advancements reduce parts, costs, and increase RPMs further cementing VMT's claims that the Universal Transmission is the ONLY positively displaced IVT that can handle high torque. With these advancements VMT can now enter the automotive arena and should have an announcement soon about an automotive expert as a partner for entering the automotive market. The symposium was streamed live to investors. 

CASE/New Holland and FIAT Rep Investigates VMT

March, 2014  Representing the parent company, FIAT, as well as CASE/New Holland (owned by FIAT), Dr. Francesco Pedrielli fly to Provo from Italy to see for himself whether or not VMT actually had, as claimed, the ONLY positively engaged, infinitely variable transmission. He came away impressed and convinced that VMT's Universal Transmission was inventive, original, should be mass produced relatively quickly and could indeed be capable of handling great torque, unlike all other CVTs.


Deere Impressed with VMT's New Breakthrough

January, 2014  After examining the new controller, indexor and chain designs VMT provided for Deere, Craig Puetz, Deere's chief transmission engineer stated that the fewer parts, simpler functions and ease of use for the operator should have a strong impact. 

MTD Contingents Visits VMT

October, 2013 Rory Bringhurst, MTD's chief engineer, Mark Kluck, Director of Transmission Development, and David Moll of Infield Capital flew to Provo to understand the claims of the Universal Transmission. Following the extensive discussion an MTD spokesman stated that they would like to enter into a research development contract to develop the Universal Transmission for their applications.


Progress Continues with Fortune 100 Company

August 14, 2013 - Evaluations are made regarding first phase of joint development agreement with fortune 100 company. Second phase benchmarks are targeted and work continues to go forth toward prototype construction with a specific application for their market segment.
Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Sends Specs to VMT

July 29, 2013 - Preliminary drawings are received by VMT from electric vehicle manufacturer to consider for VMT's Universal Transmission application for an electric delivery truck application.
VMT Attracts Attention of Electric Vehicle Manufacturer 

June 19, 2013 - VMT has discussions with an electric vehicle manufacturer that sees the Universal Transmission as a possible solution for longer battery life and thus better driving range making their vehicles more competitive in the market place. A mutual interest in the respective technologies is forged.
VMT Presents Poster at AWEA WindPower 2013

May 3-8, 2013 – VMT had a noticeable presence at the AWEA WindPower Conference in Chicago.  Prior to the show, Mike Agrelius was asked to make a scientific poster presentation on “The Value Proposition of CVTs.” This gave VMT the opportunity to present the case for the Positively Engaged CVT technology in wind applications. (A link to the poster presentation is made available to you here.) Valuable discussions and important contacts were made with virtually all the major companies in the wind industry.
VMT Continues to Meet with Key Players in Detroit

April 16-19, 2013 – Without tipping their hand during joint development and contract discussions, VMT can state that they have had a number of significant meetings with major companies in the heavy equipment and transportation categories.

VMT was impressed with the caliber of professionals that are working at these companies and involved with the Universal Transmission commercialization.  The engineers of these companies are optimistic that there are features in VMT’s high-torque, positive-displaced CVT that can bring huge dividends to their respective projects and end consumers. 

To Better Understand the Agricultural Market, VMT Visits AG World
Mike Agrelius with Case/IH transmission  
specialist Ron Blessing
February 13, 2013 – AG World in Tulare, California is the biggest gathering of agricultural manufacturers in one place.   Mike Agrelius, Senior Sales Manager, met with representatives of John Deere, Case/New Holland, AGCO, and others to better understand how the Universal Transmission can be utilized for agricultural applications.  In addition to getting educated about requirements for tractors and their ancillary equipment, Agrelius also gathered important contact information for various companies.
VMT Travels to South Korea
Jim Jeppson meeting with Mr. Cho,
CEO of TIC in one of their factories

February 11 - 14, 2013 -- Jim Jeppson, VP of Marketing, visited South Korea to update K.J. Song (VP of VMT Korea Operations) with respect to VMT’s joint development arrangement and how it may impact Asian efforts.  Jeppson also met with Mr. Gil-Su Cho (CEO of TIC) to discuss prototypes TIC may build and advance work on a Korea-China development process.  Jeppson was encouraged with the trip and continued enthusiasm of Mr. Cho and K.J. Song.

VMT's First Contract Signed with Fortune 100

November 27, 2012 -- VMT signed their first joint development agreement.  A first contract is a significant event for any company.  Adding the fact that this contract is with a Fortune 100 company just makes it even more significant.  Advancing the Universal Transmission technology with a highly recognizable brand will bring more interest to VMT’s concept of a high torque positively engaged CVT.
In the first phase of the agreement the Universal Transmission technology will be extensively tested in order to prove that the required efficiency gains are met for their specific application. They will test the CAD models, prove their viabilities, and study the drawings and assumptions VMT has put forth.  By the end of the second or third phase a physical in-application prototype will be completed.  (VMT is contractually obligated not to mention this company by name during the early phases of the agreement.)  

Round Three of Discussions with DANA

October 15, 2012 -- DANA's manager of advanced powertrain came from Europe to see firsthand VMT's Universal Transmission and discuss the potential of a temporary license/development agreement.  This was the third major in-person meeting with key people at DANA.  The company has undergone management changes since VMT’s preceding meetings.  In this meeting recommendations were put forth on what needed to be accomplished for DANA to begin defining duty cycles and allocating money to begin to work together with VMT.  
VMT Visits Pittsburgh Power

September 25-28, 2012 – After hosting Pittsburgh Power owner, Bruce Mallinson, in Provo for initial meetings, Jim Jeppson, VP of Marketing, flew out to Pittsburgh Power's headquarters in Saxonburg, PA. Jeppson was there to determine Pittsburgh Power's ability to develop the Universal Transmission for Class 8 trucks and to help create a business plan they could use to attract investment funds specifically for the UT project.   Jeppson was impressed with their small but expert operation.  He reported that Pittsburgh Power does have the expertise, manpower and facilities to accomplish what they claim in developing the Universal Transmission.   The challenge will be to prepare documents that will attract various investors in Pittsburgh Power's network.   

Applications of Universal Transmission Applauded
September 11, 2012 -- Six major international manufacturers have announced plans to either visit VMT in September or conclude contracts with VMT. While confidentiality agreements prohibit naming the corporations seeking to use the Universal Transmission, readers would know each of the corporations from their innovative work in the trucking, auto, wind turbine and agriculture industries.  

The chief engineer for one OEM called the technology, "Brilliant," and stated that their firm would now begin the contract process with VMT. The advance on royalties will be substantial but cannot be divulged. Their plans include a wide array of applications including heavy duty off-road vehicles.

Another firm specializing in trucks and has stated that with the Universal Transmission they can retrofit and allow truckers the chance to recoup the cost of the new transmission in less than two years in the fuel they'd save.

Similar stories are taking place and details forthcoming in the wind turbine field.

VMT Hosts Key Player in International Trucking Industry
July 10, 2012 -- AVL, at one time the largest privately own transmission manufacturer in Europe ­– now the world’s leader in drivetrain design, testing and performance, sent two key engineers to investigate the technology behind The Universal Transmission.  Their client list is like a who’s who of trucking and automotive.  A relationship with AVL could mean inroads to all the leading medium and heavy truck OEMs throughout the world. AVL is now preparing a business development document for working with VMT.

Major Fortune 100 Player Steps Up 
June 28, 2012 -- A major Fortune 100 Company in non-highway equipment from the mid-west sent a top team of engineers and business development personal to vet VMT’s technology.  They reported that they can see an immediate application for some of their offerings in the heavy equipment category. The team was so impressed that they have promised to have a development proposal to VMT no later than mid August.

Trucking Innovator Discovers VMT
June 6, 2012 – Bruce Mallinson of Pittsburgh Power, Inc. met with VMT in Provo after reading about the Universal Transmission in a snowmobile magazine.  His unique and innovative company has carved out its niche in the heavy trucking industry by developing the most fuel efficient big rigs on the road.  Always looking for ways to improve mileage and efficiency, the group is now seeking follow up development discussions with VMT and is planning on visiting Provo again near the end of July with a team of engineers.

VMT Wins Clean Technology and Energy Top Honors Award
U.S. Senator Hatch, Gary Lee and
Richard Nelson, Director of the UTC
May 1, 2012 -- U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch presented VMT's Gary Lee with the prestigious UTC Clean Technology and Energy Innovation Award at a special banquet May 1. VMT's advanced transmission design makes it the only positively engaged, infinitely variable transmission. Two application specific versions have been created: the T-12 for medium to heavy duty trucks and the W-10 for wind turbines. Both result in high performance and high efficiency. The T-12 increases fuel economy in trucks up to 30% or more. The W-10 can increase electrical output in wind turbines making wind energy less expensive than coal and eliminating subsidies.
VMT 2012 Utah Innovations Awards Finalist
April 13, 2012  Just received from the Utah Technology Council:
"Congratulations on the W-10 Wind Power Universal Transmission by VMT Technologies, LLC being selected as a Finalist in the Clean Technology and Energy category of the 2012 Utah Innovation Awards."
Chosen from the Finalists, the Award winner will be announced May 1, 2012 at a banquet in Salt Lake City.
In 2009 VMT received great international attention when it was also a Finalist in the Automotive application in the Clean Tech category, but lost the prestigious Award to a company that had commercial experience. This year our commercialization experience could push us over the top.

Korea Gear Manufacturer Wants To Build The W-10 PrototypeWill Visit VMT week of March 12.
March 2, 2012 -- TIC of Changwon City, Korea is sending a senior representative during the week of March 12 to VMT's offices in Utah to conclude talks on TIC's desire to build the first W-10 prototype. They also wish to be the manufacturer for all future customers of the revolutionary W-10 gearbox for wind turbines.

Japanese Consortium Representatives Tour VMT
February 24, 2012 - Three senior representatives of a major Japanese anufacturing consortium specializing DSC01449in wind turbines arrived Thursday, February 23, 2012 at the VMT office in Provo, Utah. They stated, "the technology is most impressive" after seeing the P-2 model performing. VMT is pleased that they are now working with their corporate legal department on a Letter of Understanding to do business with VMT.

Japanese Company Bringing Decision Makers to Utah
Feb. 13, 2012 – After visiting with VMT engineers on his own, the US representative of a multi-billion dollar Japanese company has convinced two executives from the home office in Asia that they shouldn’t wait any longer to see for themselves what the Universal Transmission has to offer the wind power industry. The meeting is scheduled for the week of Feb. 20.

VMT Is Awarded Additional PatentFeb. 10, 2012 -- Continual domestic and international protection of VMT’s intellectual property rights regarding the "breakthrough" UniversalusptologoTransmission for the wind power industry was evidenced on February 7, 2012 when the US Patent Office issued Patent No. 8,109,852. This patent adds to VMT’s first US patent No. 7,892,129 (issued February 22, 2011), the Canadian Patent No. 2,654,078 (issued July 19, 2011), and the Korean Patent No. 10-1099568 (issued December 21, 2011). The company has also received notice that the first Japanese patent has been granted but it has not been received as of this date.

Key Players in Wind Power Evaluating VMT’s “Mechanical” CVT
Jan. 24, 2012 -- Three different manufacturers of wind turbines have visited VMT’s offices in the last month to evaluate the technology that one called “potentially disruptive to the industry.” Two of the three companies are among the top ten turbine manufacturers in the world. The companies have expressed interest in VMT’s claim that their W-10 Gearbox can deliver a high torque, constant synchronous output, while eliminating most of the power electronics without the use of hydraulics or friction.

Investment Banking Group Targets Key Manufacturer Investors for VMTJan. 15, 2012 – InterOcean Advisors, LLC, a Chicago based investment bank for the manufacturing sector is seeking $5 to $10 million dollars to further the commercialization of the VMT Universal Transmisimage[6]sion for wind power (W-10) and trucks (T-24). InterOcean has composed a compelling 35 page report on VMT to interested parties. They also have a one page intro piece outlining the unique investment opportunity of VMT they have begun to send to 55 targeted candidates.

AWEA’s Operations, Maintenance, & Reliability Conference Reveals Gearbox Problems Not Going AwayFeb. 9, 2012 – VMT vice-president of marketing, Jim Jeppson, rimageeported from the AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) conference in San Diego that wind farm developers still see that one of the most costly things associated with running a wind farm is unscheduled maintenance. Continued gearbox problems top the list despite claims from manufacturers that the problems have been corrected.

Asia Acknowledges VMT/Korean Patent Issued, Japanese Patent Granted
Dec. 21, 2011 – South Korea issued VMT a patent (Patent No. 10VMT Korean Patent 10-1099568-1099568) today and the Japanese Patent Office has notified VMT that their patent has been granted but not issued. These patents along with US patent No. 7,892,129 (issued February 22, 2011) and the two Canadian patents issued earlier this year establish VMT’s unique claims and rights worldwide.

VMT Executives Take Their Show on the Road to Europe, Asia, and South America
Dec. 19, 2011 – Universal Transmission inventor and founder, Gary Lee, and VMT business development partner, Mark Stoddard, met with two major wind turbine manufacturers as well as a key truck transmission manufacturer in Europe this week. While Lee and Stoddard were in Europe, other VMT representatives were meeting with key wind players in South America and Asia. All the meetings have the net results of ongoing discussions with four wind manufacturers and two automotive/truck manufacturers. The Universal Transmission has applications for wind power, vehicle, and maritime use.

InterOcean Investment Banking Firm To Represent VMTDec. 2, 2011 – InterOcean Advisors, LLC has prepared documents and is identifying potential investors for VMT’s game-changing technology. InterOcean has finalized their research and selection of abouimage[6]t 55 targeted VC groups that are looking for innovative green technologies that are early seed and pre-revenue. The goal is to narrow their search to five very qualified companies that are interested in VMT.

US Firm Launches Novel CVT Device
Eize de Vries, Windpower Monthly Magazine, December 1, 2011
The overall operational benefits of continuously variable transmission (CVT) devices are gradually attracting the attention of wind-turbine manufacturers. Currently there are a few options arousiteLogond including a new CVT for wind turbines up to 3MW, which has been developed by US-based VMT Technologies. Click here for article.

Universal Transmission Interest Piqued by Truck Applications
Nov. 22, 2011 – After months of focusing on wind power, VMT has had a new company approach them with an interest in using the Universal Transmission in an innovative truck application. The company lotransmissioncated in Tennessee is interested in pursuing a joint venture with VMT to create a business plan for Class 6 truck transmissions. It is all predicated upon their ability to raise the now $1.5 million that will be required for this project and the building of the prototype.

Chinese Company Sees Potential for Universal Transmission in AsiaNov. 19, 2011 – VMT’s representative in China brought the chairman of the board from a major Chinese oil group to meet with VMT engineers. Interested in emerging technologies, this group is in the oil and petroleum services field in at least 15 different countries around the world. VMT had presentation converted to Chinese. The result of the meeting was that the chairman stated VMT had clearly completed the first stage of validation of the technology, and he was interested in proceeding with the next stages -- getting the product built, tested and ready for commercialization.

VMT Finds Answers at the AWEA Fall Symposium
Nov 7, 2011 – VMT attended the AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) Fall Symposium where the leaders of the wind power get together to discuss issues (this is not a trade show, but rather an intimate gathering of top executives). In addition to getting glimpses of market and industry trends, the past chair of AWEA when VMT’s technology was explained to him stated, “It’s good to have people working on those kinds of innovations, gearboxes remain this industry’s Achilles Heel.”

International Patents Continue to be Granted to VMT’s Universal Transmission
Nov. 1, 2011 – Korean Patent "Notice of Allowance" has been issued. South Korea’s patent issuance will join the Canadian and U.S. patents that have already been issued. The Utah based company has filed patents in several other countries and is awaiting word on their status.

Investment Banking Firm Engages with VMT
Nov. 1, 2011 – VMT has entered into a formal relationship with InterOcean Advisors, LLC to act as exclusive financial advisoDSC01425r with respect to raising long term capital. InterOcean is a Chicago-based investment banking boutique focused on providing M&A and capital sourcing services to manufacturing companies. They have broad experience in capital sourcing transactions under $75 million with more than 30 years experience.

Conference Updates and Further PR
Oct. 17, 2011 – VMT was invited to represent wind power innovation at the 2011 Global Commerce Conference on renewable energies in Colorado. Noted speakers and those educated about VMT’s revolutionary technology were former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, Jr. (major renewable energies advocate), Colorado's Director of Energy TJ Deora, Dr. John Coors, and several others.

VMT Meets with NREL
Oct. 13, 2011 – VMT visited the NREL (National Renewable Eimagenergies Laboratories of the Department of Energy) test site in Boulder, Colorado. The purpose of the meeting was for VMT to better understand what NREL offers private businesses involved in wind power in terms of testing and evaluating new technologies.

Provo Company Hosts International Giants
Oct. 12, 2011 – VMT Technologies, a company with a “game-changing” way of designing gearboxes/drivetrains for wind turbines and trucks have met with Allison, Dana, Eaton, Borg Warner, AVL, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Subaru from the automotive industry. MJaKe3ore recently VMT has had discussions with Hanson, Vestas, Gamesa, and others. JaKe (Jahnel-Kestermann) and representatives of Brazilian companies have met with VMT in Utah to see firsthand the metal bench model that proves their technology is viable for the wind power industry.

Notice of Second U.S. and Canadian Patents Received by VMT
Oct. 10, 2011 – VMT has received notice that the second U.S. patent and the second Canadian patent will be forthcoming. VMT has also received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent Office that a second patent filed in 2007 to further solidify their claims has also been approved.

TIC Joins VMT in a Shift of FocusKNTC Office
Oct. 1, 2011 – TIC (Tongil Industries in Korea) has agreed to shift their commitment from making VMT’s truck transmission to making the wind W-10 prototype and testing it.

VMT Seeks Government Grants
Sep. 13, 2011 – SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation), a major government contractor, contacted VMT and expressed an interest in learning more about potential transmission applications in the military heavy vehicle market. SAIC plays an integral role in the defenseSAICdepartment’s organization in improving HUMVEE military vehicle fuel efficiency, performance, and in reducing maintenance issues and costs. SAIC has worked with DARPA for grants and works with the Defense Department.

Variable Speed Hard-Geared Transmission May Improve Wind Power Efficiency 5 to 10%Windpower Engineering, Sept. 2011 issue
A variable-ratio transmission that uses gears and chains, but no CCI02172012_00000belts, has been introduced for licensing and production by inventor Gary Lee, CTO of VMT Technologies…Lee says the Universal Transmission overcomes problems of conventional CVTs by using a metal chain with teeth that are always engaged with the moon gears on which it rides, so it transmits power more efficiently than a friction-based design. He says the moon gear solves what has been called the partial tooth integer problem. 
Click here for article.

CVT for Wind Turbines?SnowTech Magazine, Sept. 2011 issueimage
A Utah inventor annoyed by his snowmobile’s CVT transmission may have found a way to improve wind turbines…After years of work he’s designed a prototype of a recently patented transmission that he claims could make wind power profitable and help that industry move away from subsidies.

VMT Buys Off on Proven Chinese Business Model
Aug. 8, 2011 – VMT entertained Chinese consultants and their specific way of doing business in China. A detailed explanation of proven methods of how, when, where, and with whom to do business in China was given to executives at VMT’s office at the Novell Technology Center today. After hearing from several other companies and individuals in recent months with respect to commerce and business relationships in China, VMT agreed in principle to deal with this consultant and operate within his company’s business model with respect to the country with the largest presence in wind energy in the world.

Canadian Patent Now In Hands of Utah Innovatorsimage
Jul. 19, 2011 – VMT has received the first of several foreign patents on their unique, high torque mechanical CVT from Canada. VMT has also received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent Office that a second patent filed in 2007 to further solidify their claims has also been approved.

Could a New Transmission System Make the Wind Power Industry More Profitable?
Brendon Bosworth, New West Energy, June 8, 2011
Lee’s invention, the Universal Transmission, has the capacity to absorb the shock of variable winds and keep the turbine’s generator, whicimageh creates electricity, spinning at a constant speed, explained Dick Wilson, CEO of VMT Technologies, the 12-person Provo company, where Lee works, that holds the patent for the Universal Transmission. The company has built and tested a metal bench-scale prototype of the transmission, which has not yet been tested inside a wind turbine or vehicle. 
Click here for article.

An Energy Production Windfall
Emily Haggstrom, ICOSA Magazine, April - June, 2011 edition
After years of research and development, what Lee created was a similar weight transmission that required no clutch or torque converimageter. This specialized, positively engaged Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) can change speed at incrementally infinite ratios in response to wind gusts and speeds, allowing the gearbox within the transmission to act more as a shock absorber than a metal grinder. “You could be going one mile an hour with the transmission engaged and you can then change the gear or the ration inside the transmission and go 1.2 miles per hour,” said Lee, giving an idea of just how small and quick the internal transitions are.
Click here for article.