Truck Applications

VMT Mission, Marketing Model and Sales

VMT is the sole owner of the Universal Transmission that is a positively engaged, infinitely variable transmission or PE-IVT. It can also be known as a mechanical CVT capable of high torque and efficiency.

As an R&D licensing company VMT provides fee-contracts for engineering and development of applications, as well as license agreements for subsequent royalties from commercialization.

VMT works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as independent trucking companies who need the Universal Transmission to be retrofit.
VMT also joint ventures with qualified partners for specific markets.
Current partners are operating under confidentiality agreements.

KJ Song (l) and Mr. Cho (r) of Korea meet with Brooks Agnew, a good
friend and business associate of VMT that is planning to utilize the Universal
Transmission in his electric delivery vehicles. 

Product Description