Wind Applications

Wind Turbine Application

Before presenting VMT with a prestigious award, the UTC showed this video they created
 about VMT.

"The Wind blows free; 
VMT makes it Profitable"

Why would anyone invest in Wind energy??? 

The latest headlines declare that Wind is a losing proposition.

T. Boone Pickens said it best in April, 2012:  “I’m in the wind business … I've lost my ass in the business.”

Also, in April 2012 Mitsubishi idled a $100m US wind turbine manufacturing plant. Other companies are doing a backstroke on their Wind expansion.

So why would anyone invest in wind energy???

Certainly not the way Wind power is currently generated.  But... VMT owns a patented technology that lets T. Boone profit from wind. 

Everyone in the Wind industry knows that the central, overarching reason Wind is expensive and currently a losing proposition as subsidies disappear, is its reliance upon old-generation "transmissions" or gearboxes.

Fixed ratio gearboxes are a 19th century technology for a 21st Century problem. 

The W-10 is the ONLY Positively Engaged, Mechanical CVT...a 21st Century solution that:
* Reduces the size of most parts, reduces their weight, reduces maintenance, and capitalization costs.
* Improves reliability by dramatically reducing the impact of high torque on fixed-gears. 
* Takes variable wind input and producing constant output thus eliminating expensive and inefficient power conversion equipment. 

By improving reliability, reducing maintenance and capitalization costs, the W-10 increases electrical output to the point Wind energy becomes cheaper than energy produced from Nuclear or Coal power. U.S. Department of Energy studies bear this out.

With the W-10, Wind becomes a viable investment.

  The VMT W-10 “gearbox” can do the following:
 While constantly engaged, the W-10 can manage high torque and still move, under load and without using
    friction, between infinite increments of ratio change like an automobile CVT.
 The W-10 takes varying speeds of winds, from 6 mph to more than 40 mph and converts them into a            
    constant output directly to a synchronous generator.
 The W-10 eliminates at least 7% of the cost of building a wind turbine.
  The W-10 takes more than 1 million Newton meters of torque, and actually lowers the
    cost of maintenance and operation.
 The W-10 is more durable even as it reduces the weight of the turbine system.
 The W-10 results in a less complex turbine that produces significantly more electricity.

In Summary: 
The W-10 “gearbox” receives infinite increments of RPM wind input, converts them into a single, consistent output RPM that lowers costs and increases electricity generation.

An Invitation to Observe and Participate to Qualified Parties: 
Engineers in the wind industry who have studied the W-10 prototype at VMT can see the ability of the W-10 to overcome involutometry, raking, and partial integer engagement problems while remaining constantly engaged. The W-10 does not use dynamic friction as it moves synchronously between infinite ratios while under load.

Multiple patents have been issued in the U.S.A and countries around the world. VMT Technologies is the owner of the patents.

To assist you in understanding the W-10, we provide the following proprietary and confidential answers to frequently asked questions:  Click FAQ